Spit-Fire & Spy-Bird
Here is perhaps the crown jewel of my R.A.T.S. collection. Like the Squad Reinforcement Personnel, there is no mention in any of the line's promotional photos of this toy. It is a recolor of Deadeye & Cricket from the Starriors. The tyranosaur is battery-powered, and radio-controlled by the pterodactyl. You can't really see in the photos, but each piece has a metal antenna that is almost a foot long. Early radio-control! Awesome!! I was lucky to happen upon the eBay auction for this; though there was no box, the seller had the instructions and was able to identify this toy as part of the R.A.T.S. line. This is the only photo of this toy online, and this is the only site to mention it apart from the Wikipedia page. Long live the Robot Anti-Terror Squad!

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