Marvel Zombies: The Covers
Parody of Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8. Definitely an iconic cover here. This issue showed the origin of Spider-Man's black costume, which eventually turned out to be an alien symbiote which, after being seperated from Peter, found Eddie Brock and became Venom. With Spider-Man's black costume being so topical, this was obviously a good candidate for a zombie homage.
This cover is actually appearing on a hardcover collection of (presumably) ALL the Marvel Zombies covers. Will this gallery then become redundant? If you buy that hardcover like I surely will then perhaps. But it won't make this gallery any less tasty! That is, I mean... no, "tasty" is about right.
I Was searching the COMIC, not the image.
» Posted 7.03.2017 15:22:52 by Zenn90 [Website]
So, Fuck.
» Posted 7.03.2017 15:23:25 by Zenn

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