The Black Panther #28
Parody of Fantastic Four #116, wherein Doctor Doom temporarily substitutes for Reed Richards within the team... kind of. In this case, however, the Black Panther is dutifully replacing Reed while Storm strikes Sue's pose. Great cover choice! The source cover also reminds me of the cover to Fantastic Four #318, almost exactly 200 issues later, when Doom would again take Richards' slot on the team... kind of.

So, anyway, the new FF, featuring the Black Panther and Storm, are making a trip to the Zombieverse. This is bugging a few fans out there because it makes it the first continuity link between the regular Marvel universe and the Ultimate universe, which were supposed to remain forever separate. I relate to their chagrin, but ah, well. More zombies for me.

Thanks to Volker Sorge for pointing out the correct cover where I had failed.

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