Back of the Box Art
1986 - USA
Who are the red guy and orange guy below Octane on the far right?
» Posted 8.03.2013 14:49:51 by Bass_X0
If I had to guess, I think the red guy is supposed to be the Omnibot named Overdrive:

No clue about the orange dude.
» Posted 8.03.2013 15:34:56 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER
Believe it or not, that is Dead End, and the orange guy most resembles Wheelie.
All 4 smaller Stunticons and Combaticons are shown in different spots on this one. (Vortex, minus removable rotor, is the one behind Trypticon, shooting at Wreck-Gar. Blast Off is between Octane and Dead End.)

Also: Hot Rod (and Blurr) are in two places, and Rodimus Prime is to the left, behind Metroplex's right arm tower.
» Posted 12.31.2013 16:39:29 by Cybertronian [Website]

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