Battle Drive - page 19
Bumblebee is chased by Starscream and Blitzwing! Now, you may notice something different about this particular page. Yes, if you look closely, you can see that some kid decided to color in this page. Bumblebee is in Wasp colors, and Starscream is in Thrust/Thundercracker/Acid Storm/Skywarp colors... or maybe he's just G2. Anyway, I didn't discover this colored page until I was already at work. I decided not to let it hold me up, and if I can find another copy of Battle Drive I'll replace this page. Probably.
I'm not sure if the kid was going for G2 Ramjet, or Action Master Thundercracker... or both! In contrast, notice that Blitzwing's wing and missile looks like Dirge's.
» Posted 6.14.2013 15:19:33 by Cybertronian [Website]

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