1984 Catalog (UK) - Side B
Did you know that Megatron was not released in the UK until the second year (1985)? I didn't. And check it out: a yellow Cliffjumper!
I must have got them for xmas in 1985 then, I'm sure I got Prime and Megs together for xmas.
» Posted 1.28.2015 5:28:30 by Scott
Wonder if the selection of Autobot cars was random and arbitrary or if there was a limited initial wave here in the UK?
» Posted 4.18.2015 15:27:31 by Matt
Matt, there was indeed a limited initial wave in the UK:
» Posted 4.20.2015 19:31:21 by Botch the Crab - WEBMASTER
Cool, thanks - wish I'd paid more attention as a 6 year old lol ;)
» Posted 4.21.2015 2:38:04 by Matt

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