1988 Catalog - Side B
The Pretenders have invaded, much to most kids' chagrin. The six merging Seacons are the real Decepticon highlight of this year. Still, those new Headmasters are funky, and those combining cassettes are impossible not to love.
I have a place in my heart for each year of G1, but sometimes this one - and particularly the blazing pinks and purples of the Decepticon side - is my favorite. Piranacon is possibly my favorite combiner and the Decepticon Pretenders from this year are among my most-loved G1 figures. (one odd note: Submarauder's and Bomb-Burst's melee weapons have been swapped, and curiously, so have their colors!)
» Posted 2.05.2014 16:29:02 by Zycrow [Website]
Pretenders hide transformers inside!
» Posted 2.22.2014 4:20:50 by Guerric Young

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