1986 Catalog - Side A
We've launched to the then-future world of 2005! Everything is whiter, brighter, and with hardly any metal. Still, between Metroplex, Ultra Magnus, and Sky Lynx, can you really complain all that much? Plus you get the Aerialbots and Protectobots, and Blaster now has some cassettes of his own.
1984 and 1985 were outstanding years for Transformers with an unbelievable array of fantastic characters. But in 1986 it all went south (IMO). Everything is made of globs of bright preschool colored plastic. No die cast metal to be found. The designs of the these new TF's are but a joke when compared to the amazing toys of the previous two years. Just look at the Rodimus Prime , Wreck-Gar and Sky Lynx and tell me that these brightly colored (obnoxious), silly looking figures garbed in cheap plastic can even hold a candle to the likes of Optimus Prime , Prowl and The Dinobots.

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Haters gonna hate.
» Posted 2.05.2014 15:08:10 by Zycrow [Website]

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