1985 Catalog (large version) - Side A
The Autobots get heavy duty reinforcements in the likes of Omega Supreme, Jetfire, more cars, more minibots, the Dinobots and more. The height of their popularity. As a kid I dreamed about owning all of these. Check out the size of that checklist now!
This was the best year for Transformers in my opinion. The already impressive line up of Autobots and Decepticons nearly doubles in size with tremendous new additions like Skyfire (Jetfire) , Tracks , Red Alert Ram Jet and Thrust. And mind blowing sub-groups such as the Dinobots , Insecticons and Constructicons.
Plenty of diverse characters with a great story line that gets even better. Truly awesome.
» Posted 1.17.2013 16:09:03 by Balfagor

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