The Stylish Display of Toys
In our last apartment, my vast toy collection was compressed and huddled into one room, completely monopolizing three bookcases and more. I never felt this was ideal because you couldn't really see the trees through the forest, and such densely-populated shelves felt somehow juvenile.

At the same time, Heather often lamented my feeling that the entire rest of the apartment stylistically belonged to her and that I merely had a room. I didn't actually begrudge this, but she wanted us both to feel the apartment was more integrated.

As such, in our new Portland digs, she and I have attempted to better distribute, integrate and stylize the toys into our home. We put some stuf in storage, mixed non-toys with the toys, and emphasized tasteful distribution. Sure, there are still a couple pockets of density, but that's what you get when you have hundreds of toys.

Allow me to please share with you some of what I consider the best and most pleasing results. Enjoy! :)
Order; Chaos; Fortune
The Towers
Metroplex with Micromasters
Autobot Bookcase with Papasan, Godzilla
Minibots; Beast Wars; Kaiju Cinema
Reading and Robots
Decepticon Bookcase with Records, Web Books
On The Mantel
Titanium Transformers
Reading Room: Eternia
Castle Grayskull
Snake Mountain
The China Cabinet
The Crystal Palace of Etheria