Music by Adam Alexander
I've played in a number of projects over the years. My role often changes: composer, singer, guitarist, bassist, piano and/or keyboardist, and so on. I keep busy. Here are all the albums that I've recorded with different bands.
Die Like Gentlemen
The Quickening Light
Another ambitiuos prog/sludge album, with influences ranging from classic rock to death metal. Throw in some feedback and a small choir and you've got one more solid DLG disc.

Die Like Gentlemen
Five Easy Lies
Die Like Gentlemen has proven to be my most pure expression of heavy and progressive music. Plus, as far as sound quality, this is probably the most professional-sounding album I've done.

Die Like Gentlemen
Romantic Delusions of Hell
The debut album of my progressive sludge outfit here in Portland, OR. The songs are slow, heavy, dramatic and on the long side. The first album of my career actually released on vinyl.

The Monster Project
My most ambitious undertaking ever, The Monster Project was a septet of progressive musicians executing my arrangements of monster movie music. We got a great response performing the selctions featured on this recording, including over 45 minutes of classic Godzilla music, a medley of 80's slasher movie themes, an excerpt from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, and selections from Land of the Lost.

The Invincible Doctor Psyclops Invasion
The Invisible Album
This is the second Doctor Psyclops album, and possibly the most popular recording I've done. Though we lost none of our eccentricity, the Invasion really refined its unusual style. Much is still derived from improvisation, but there's also some exquisite and complicated compositions. At one point, I was performing with up to three keyboards, a laptop for samples, laser theremin, vocals with digital effects, hand percussion and a recorder!

The Invincible Doctor Psyclops Invasion
The Cardboard Album
From surf rock to arabic wailings to free noise and punk, the material on this disc amused and confused audiences for months. Inspired by The Invisibles comic series and Mr. Bungle, I was recruited by the Wicker Man to play keyboards, sing/scream/bellow, and wave my hand around a theremin.

I Disagree
Vices & Virtues
This 13-song double-EP is the final culmination of three years of inspiration and frustration. After so many musically experimental projects, I wanted to simply sing for a heavy but groovy band, and that's what I found in Portland. Of course my desire to do things just a little bit differently always wins out, so these tracks have a touch of the unconventional anyway.
By the way, album packaging is an origami-like affair that unfolds into a full-size poster with lyrics.

Brompton's Cocktail
Take On An Empty Mind
With a bouncy, funerary theme, this eclectic "art rock" band mixed Beatles with Black Sabbath and everything in-between to put a grin on your face and death on the brain. I sang and played guitar, as well as wrote most the majority of the music on this eclectic disc. Though tuneful, the album is so all over the place that everyone who enjoys it cites a different favorite track. Decide for yourself!

Posts about Adam's Music

So I have a new band. It's called Die Like Gentlemen. I play guitar, sing, and do most of the songwriting. We're kinda like a chunkier version of Black Sabbath. You can "Like" us and listen to a few rehearsal tunes on our Facebook page while you read this, if you like.

We played our first show last Saturday at an excellent local Portland dive music venue called Plan B. We had a great turnout, played really well, and got a lot of positive feedback. It really went excellent. The most popular songs were "Covetous" and "Hidden Switch" (the latter of which discusses my tinnitus).

You may remember that I was unsuccessfully seeking a second guitarist. One of the main reasons was to have a more accomplished lead guitar for solos and such. Soloing was never my strong suit, I've always been much more of a composer. Some guitarists pick up a guitar and start soloing, I pick one up and start writing parts.

Well, we didn't want the lack of a second guitarist to stop us from gigging, so I manned up and started working specifically on my solos. I started sketching them out, trying to figure out how to play what I was hearing in my head or just sloppily improvising until I lucked upon something that didn't suck. After a couple of months I felt I had improved from "embarrassingly bad" to "could easily fool non-musicians" so it was time to put ourselves out there. Which, like I said, went excellent.

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Posted 5.08.2012 0:52:08
8 comments (last comment by Gloon)

I've been trying to find a lead guitarist for my new band. We just need that final player to turn our slamming trio into a crushing quartet!

But finding the right musician is hard -- hell, finding someone who isn't a complete flake or a complete loon is itself nigh-impossible. I've been posting on Craigslist. The ad is understated and thorough. I list influences, post links to some rehearsal recordings, and explain what we're expecting: someone who doesn't mind learning and doubling existing guitar parts to thicken up our sound, but can also handle lead lines and solos, and if you have material and ideas of your own we'd be happy to incorporate it. To me, this seems very straightforward.

Allow me to share some highlights of my search so far...

Well, there was Nathan. He seemed like a good prospect so I gave him tablature to two of the songs and asked that he learn them before coming in. I had a cold the following week so it was two weeks before we could schedule a night to jam. When I emailed/texted to confirm that he was still coming in, he said

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Posted 2.20.2012 23:26:22
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Do you recall when I posted the Botch art that currently graces the top-left corner of this site? It was generously commissioned by Carcass and beautifully illustrated by Laurent Libessart. Well, here comes the follow-up to that: CASSETTE MODE!

As with the original piece, the new one is AWESOME.

I love how Laurent chose to maintain the subtle fissures where the pieces separate during transformation.

You may notice this cassette is not blank, but actually labeled. That's right! He made this into a cassette for Vices & Virtues, the album of my last band, I DISAGREE. It's even got the track-listing on there for the "Vices" half!

Of course, I couldn't resist using this cassette mode as the top-left mascot for my Music page, where, by the way, you can listen to Vices & Virtues in its entirety.

So thanks to Laurent and Carcass for another fabulous piece of Botch art!

To see some more Botch art, check out the About Botch page.

Posted 12.26.2011 21:40:08
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Things have been going well musically. You remember that rehearsal studio I started renting after I bought my new guitar and Marshall amp? I've upgraded since then. The first windowless room was in the basement and the size of a closet. The new room is absolutely huge with three impressively large windows overlooking downtown Portland and its lovely superhighway system. I manage this new room and sublet it to 1.5 other bands. We put in a small dorm fridge for everyone's beer. I put up posters featuring Black Sabbath and the green fairy of absinthe.

More importantly, I've started putting my new band together. I've got a drummer and a lead guitarist and we're about to start looking for a bassist. (I sing and play guitar and do most of the songwriting.) We've already got a number of tunes, the typical length of which is 8-10 minutes. That may sound long, but it's fairly common for the genre of down-tempo metal. With song titles like "The Ten Hells" and "Lair of Zargon," it's a ton of sludgey fun.

But there has been a downside to this. I have finally developed tinnitus.

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Posted 11.12.2011 17:06:36
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I was fortunate enough to be invited onto, a Godzilla-themed podcast, to speak about The Monster Project, my musical group that recorded rock arrangements of Godzilla and other monster-movie soundtracks. It was a total blast, of course. I love talking about music; I love talking about Godzilla; I love talking about myself. Seriously, what's not to love?

You can listen to the full interview here. Let me know what you think! If nothing else you can hear what my speaking voice sounds like, and then you'll be able to read all my future posts while imagining my seductive baritone in your head, in your ears, inside you. Yeah. In your ears.

Oh, and if you want to listen to the full album of The Monster Project or -- heaven forbid! -- actually purchase the CD or MP3's, you can do all that at