Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use your images?
Sure, it's not like they're really mine. If you were to put a link back to my site as a courtesy, that would be appreciated. Alternatively, you could submit scans, edit scans or donate funds!
I want to make reproduction boxes, do you have scans for…?
Nope, I don't have full-package scans.
That transformation sound is awesome!
I agree. You can download it here.
Ever going to archive G2?
Ask me again next year.
What about Machine Wars, Beast Wars, Armada, etc.?
Very unlikely. But you never know.
Can you link to my site?
If you contribute to this site, I will gladly mention or link to your site in the post that describes that update. Otherwise, probably not.


For all other questions, comments, scorn or heapings of praise: