Adam Alexander

This guy has been a Transformers fan since he was nine years old. At the age of thirteen he got his first after-school job in order to afford Terrorcons, Technobots and comic books. Like most boys, puberty distracted him from toys and the Transformers went into stasis in a large cardboard box in the basement.

When not having horrible luck with girls, Adam spent his high school years writing songs for his band, Crayola Death, in which he played guitar and accepted the responsibility of band tyrant. Increasingly enamored with music, he managed to become the first undergraduate Musicology student at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. This was a particularly ironic and foolhardy venue considering that Adam was (and remains) an avowed atheist.

Dissatisfaction with university music instruction and an increasingly compelling interest in theology convinced Adam to switch from musicology to the study of philosophy and religion. However, a longing for friendlier surroundings eventually saw him transfer in his third year to New York University and the stark beauty and depravity of New York City.

Never having lost his interest in music and songwriting, Adam formed a new band shortly after leaving college: Brompton's Cocktail, an experimental rock quartet. They played NYC for five or six years to little acclaim and no success, but much personal satisfaction. As singer, guitarist and primary composer, Adam refined his skills as an "art rock" musician, much to the delight, revulsion or apathy of small audiences.

It was during this time that he finally got into the world of the internet and simultaneously rediscovered his love of Autobots and Decepticons. At first it was a happenstance encounter of some classic Transformers box art online. This burst of nostalgia led to the unearthing of the afore-mentioned large cardboard box; the giant robots took hold once again. He had already set about making a web page for Brompton's Cocktail; he simultaneously started building an online archive of whatever Transformers box art he could find under the moniker "Botch". It was through these two web sites that Adam honed his page-building talents. Eventually, he became acceptably skilled enough to secure gainful employment. He has been a dedicated front-end web developer for over six years now. Since 1998, Botch's Transformers Box Art Archive has remained the undisputed destination for Transformers box art online.

Probably the happiest outcome of his time with Brompton's Cocktail was spotting the lovely Heather while onstage preparing for a show. Botch and Dollface met, slept together, courted, fell in love, and after six years of romancing — including four years of cohabitation — they finally got married in a private ceremony on Po'olenana Beach in Maui.

Despite the dissolution of Brompton's Cocktail, Adam kept busy with a number of other musical projects. He played for three years with The Invincible Doctor Psyclops Invasion, a cinematic spy-rock outfit, wherein he coaxed catchy and brooding sounds from keyboards, theremins, samples and his voice. He was the founder and arranger of The Monster Project, a rock septet that performed Godzilla and other monster movie soundtrack selections. Adam played bass for the project (occasionally with a bow) and surrounded himself with musicians playing everything from heavy metal guitars to slide whistles.

In 2007, Adam and Heather moved to Portland, Oregon with their two cats (Commodore and Tsunami), about couple hundred Transformers, a complete collection of Starriors, too many He-Man figures, and no cable television. Adam promptly became the singer for a band appropriately named I Disagree that lasted a few years and managed to record a double-EP of alternative grunge.

These days he is putting together a new sludge band in which he's playing guitar and singing. Dollface is working on her writing. And the collection of Transformers just keeps growing and growing...

Last updated February 2012

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